Benefits of a Child Advocacy Center

There are numerous benefits to having a local Child Advocacy Center. Child Advocacy Centers assist law enforcement and Child Protective Services with the handling of abuse cases. They’re also a huge resource and location of support for the child and their family. The Child Advocacy Initiative of Cayuga Counseling hosts education, therapy and advocacy services as well as a medical component that allows victims and their families to receive services in one “child friendly” location.

To the Investigation and prosecution:

  • Quicker follow-up to child abuse reports
  • Better collection of information – less chance of case contamination
  • Coordinated investigations that lead to more effective prosecutions

To the child and non-offending family:

  • Reduced number of forensic interviews
  • Prompt, attentive and culturally sensitive services
  • Support and advocacy
  • More efficient and sensitive medical and mental health services