Art and Kids and Healing

As you may have noticed, our site is proud to display the artwork of children and adults who celebrate children. At our site on 26 Seminary Avenue, we have a “rotating” art exhibit by artists of all ages. If you are an artist, or an art teacher, who would like to show your work at our centerwork for six months, please contact us. If you, your school or class lends us their artwork, we will host an “artist reception” to kick off the exhibit. Your work will also be featured on our website.

We believe that art is a vehicle for self expression and for healing. Everyone is an artist at heart and the process of creating allows kids of all ages to show their thoughts and feelings without words (that are often hard to find). Below are links to sites focused on art therapy.

Our logo (below) was designed by Jamie Pearce, a Senior at Union Springs High School, class of 2008.